Bass Challenge Announces Neuse Sport Shop as 2024 Title Sponsor

The Neuse Sport Shop and the NC Bass Challenge have agreed to a partnership that includes a title sponsorship for the 2024 season.

For decades the Neuse Sport Shop of Kinston and Cedar Point, NC has built a legacy for supporting the anglers of eastern North Carolina. Today we’re very happy to announce a partnership in which we can continue that legacy as the NC Bass Challenge and the Neuse Sport Shop have come to an agreement that makes the Neuse Sport Shop the Title Sponsor for the NC Bass Challenge for the 2024 tournament season!

Why This Matters

Our goal is and always will be to reward our anglers as much as possible. Through this Title Sponsorship, we will be able to reward our anglers more than ever before. Neuse Sport Shop is a name synonymous with fishing in eastern North Carolina and we’re thrilled to be a part of the legacy they have built and the exciting future that this sponsorship will bring to the NC Bass Challenge.

The Neuse Sport Shop $3k Guarantee!

Through this agreement, we can now guarantee a $3,000 1st Place Prize at every regular-season Bass Challenge event. There is no minimum amount of boats required for this guaranteed payout! Our Neuse Sport Shop 2-Day Championship at the end of the season will also feature a $6,000 1st Place Prize! Our entry fee is $100, which means your guaranteed 1st place prize payout for every event is 30 times greater than your entry fee! No other tournament trail in eastern North Carolina has ever provided anglers greater paybacks. And no other outdoor retailer has backed the anglers of eastern North Carolina like Neuse Sport Shop! We simply could not do this without our partnership with Neuse Sport Shop.

Neuse Sport Shop Rewards Bass Challenge Anglers

In addition to increased payouts, Neuse Sport Shop is rewarding all anglers who fish in a Bass Challenge tournament. Any angler who participates in one of our events will receive 10% off at Neuse Sport Shop’s store and online through their website! The 10% off includes all items excluding firearms.  Neuse Sport Shop will also provide gear, tackle, and apparel giveaways at select Bass Challenge events thus giving anglers more reasons to fish with the Bass Challenge.

About Neuse Sport Shop

Neuse Sport Shop is a full-service outdoor retailer located in Kinston and Cedar Point, North Carolina. They offer a wide variety of products for hunting, fishing, shooting sports, and other outdoor activities. They also have an indoor firearm training range and offer a variety of education and training classes.