The tournament director is directly responsible for ensuring each tournament is operated and conducted in a fair manner. All anglers participating in a tournament sanctioned by the Eastern NC Bass Challenge are subject to the rules and regulations listed on this website. The tournament director reserves the right to modify these rules at any given time.


  1. By competing in 1 or more of the tournaments hosted by the Eastern NC Bass Challenge, each angler agrees to abide by and adhere to these rules & regulations.
  2. Tournaments shall be team-based fishing tournaments with 1-2 members per boat.
  3. Regular season tournaments are “OPEN” tournaments. Anyone can fish at the discretion of the tournament director.
  4. You must check-in with the tournament director and receive a boat number before the designated start time.
  5. All entry fees must be paid prior to takeoff the morning of the tournament.Blast off position is determined by order of registration and payment of entry fee.
  6. You may pre-pay for any tournament at any time.
  7. Pre-pay can be done via PayPal, credit card transactions through or by arranging a check/cash payment in person with the tournament director.
  8. Vessels must be 12 foot or longer and have a live-well of some kind to keep fish alive throughout the day.
  9. Boaters are required to have an appropriate amount of boat insurance and furnish proof of insurance upon request.
  10. Anglers may be subjected to a polygraph test at the discretion of the tournament director.
  11. Failure to comply with a polygraph test will result in a disqualification.
  12. PFD’s and kill switches are required.
  13. There is a 5 fish limit per boat.
  14. All fish must be 14 inches on a golden rule unless state laws differ.
  15. You may only use artificial lures.
  16. All fish must be caught in a legal sporting manner.
  17. There will be a .25lb penalty for each dead fish weighed in.
  18. There will be a 1lb penalty for attempting to weigh-in a fish that is shorter than the required length.
  19. Courtesy measurements are allowed but you must request them.
  20. You may not cull a dead fish.
  21. Culling of a dead fish will result in a disqualification.
  22. Take off and weigh-in will be at the designated landing for each specific tournament.
  23. 5 minutes late for weigh-in will result in disqualification.
  24. Tournament Times
    1. Regular Season – Safelight to 3:00pm
    2. Classic Tournament – Safelight to 3:30pm
  25. You must fish at a minimum 3 regular season tournaments to be eligible for the Classic Tournament.
  26. Tie breaking procedures will be as follows:
    1. Total Weight > Total Fish > Big Fish > Split Pot
  27. Big Fish Weight
    1. It is the anglers and/or teams responsibility to ask for a big fish to be weighed in and considered for a big fish prize and as a tie breaker if a tie-breaking procedure is required.
  28. Fuel may be carried only in permanently-installed fuel tanks. Teams/Anglers may make arrangements to obtain additional fuel if necessary during the tournament. If you run out of fuel during the tournament, someone may bring you fuel.


  1. Regular season tournaments will have a $50 entry fee.
  2. A side pot will also be available in the amount of $20 for each Tournament.
  3. Classic tournament will have a $50 entry fee.
  4. There is a $20 per year membership fee per angler.
    1. Women and children under the age of 16 are exempt from this fee.
  5. Payout schedule for all tournaments including the classic will be based on the number of boats.
  6. Payouts will be 1 place for every 8 boats.
    1. The Tournament Director withholds the right to modify the payout structure


  1. Cost to participate in the Team Points Championship is $50 per year.

  2. Deadline to enter is the morning of the 3rd tournament of the year.

  3. The Team Points Championship is completely optional and not required to fish a stand alone tournament.

  4. All tournaments in the Eastern NC Bass Challenge Schedule will be counted towards your point standings.

  5. There are no drops.

  6. A team will consist of 1 or 2 anglers.

  7. You must establish your partner by the 3rd tournament of the season.

  8. If you have not established your partner within this time frame, you are required to fish alone in the Team Points Championship.

  9. A team may have 2 substitutes per year.

  10. If you are fishing alone, you are not allowed any substitutes.

  11. Accumulating Points will be based on a teams tournament finish.

  12. 1st Place will be awarded 100 points, 2nd Place will be awarded 99 points, etc.

  13. If a team is unable to participate in a specific tournament, they may pay the entry fee for that tournament and receive last place points towards their point standings. 

  14. Entry fee payments must be made prior to the tournament date. You may not back pay for a tournament that has already taken place.

  15. By paying an entry fee and not fishing the tournament, it is essentially as if your team is simply weighing in 0 fish in that specific tournament.

  16. Payback for the Team Points Championship will be 100%.

  17. Payback spots will be 1 place for every 8 boats.

  18. Prizes and awards will be as follows:

    1. 1st Place Winners

    2. Cash Prize

    3. 2 Plaques

    4. Free Entry into the

    5. Classic Tournament

      1. Blast off position #1 for the Classic Tournament

    6. All other winners

      1. Cash prize

  19. In the event of a tie, prizes and awards will be evenly distributed.

  20. There are no tie breaking procedures for the Team Points Championship.

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