2024 Super 6 Points Championship


Once again in 2024 we will be offering our anglers with the ability to compete in our Super 6 Points Championship. The Super 6 is sponsored by EL Jones Development. EL Jones Development has been a partner with the Bass Challenge for 6 years! Their support for our anglers is greatly appreciated. Without them, there is no way we could reward our anglers this much.

Guaranteed Payouts

1st Place: $1,500 + 2 commemorative trophies + Boat #1 in Championship
2nd Place: $1,000 + Boat #2 in Championship
3rd Place: $800 + Boat #3 in Championship
4th Place: $600
5th Place:$500
6th Place: $300


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1Josh Brown / Kyle Smith10097197
2JT Denton / John Denton95100195
3Jason Smith / Rick Foss, Jr8790177
4Chris Turner / Ricky Mize7881159
4Chase Crocker / Tyler Little6594159
6Justin Coley / Tony Coley8870158
7Brian Stalls / Kyle White6787154
8Clayton Boyette / Derick Whittemore9656152
9JA Williford / Johnny Jones5992151
10Brandon Johnson / Eugene Foushee7467141
10Roger Thomas / Dylan Thomas6477141
12Jamie Lancaster / Jesse Lancaster7663139
13Craig Goess / Matthew Oakley7062132
14Ricky Foss / George Long3893131
15Mike Cathcart / Doug White4880128
16Jody Wynn / Troy Modlin9136127
17Dean Thompson / Steve Vann8241123
18Mitchell Hofler / Chandler Fornes2891119
19Luke Edwards / Andrew Grant2888116
20Jason Pittman / Jeremy Hodge8131112
20Justin Peaden / Justin Hof7339112
22Dylan Reason / Austin Lancaster5358111
23Wayne Stallings / Justin Everett7732109
24Chris Cox / Mike May9810108
25Paul King / Brad Stain5253105
26Charlie Allen / Lee Mitchell4955104
27Dennis Boykin / Jimmy Hipkiss8020100
28Richard Ludwig / Mary Ludwig613899
29Greg Milligan / Tom Warner454388
29Ron Clark / Ronnie Clark394988
31Kevin Ross / Michael Williams335487
32Al Kennedy / Justin Kennedy571370
32Chris Hamilton / Jamie Hill284270
34Edward Townsend / Dexter Hurley372966
35Zeb West / Jay Haggard283563
36Tracey King / David Price431861
37Lee Jones / Anthony Jones352560
38David Vardaro / Cody Hewitt362359
39Timmy Piacitelli / Joey Beall283058
40Charles Smith / Robert Smith282755
41Seth Barnes / Joe Daniels282654
42Robert Wright / David Foy322153
43Tim Stoneking / Anthony Horton282250
44Jason Parker / David Price351045
45Joel Husk / Dale Wilson281139
46Wayne Harris / Larry Thomas281038
46Bobby Lassiter / Chris Smith281038
46Keven Jones /281038
46Allen Eure / RT Johnson281038

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