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We often receive requests from anglers looking for partners. This page is dedicated to helping anglers find someone to fish with them not just in our tournaments, but others as well. 

To have your name added to this list, please complete the form on this page and we’ll get you added as soon as possible. 

Co-Anglers Looking for Boaters

Mike Bailey – Phone: 919-280-2823 – Email: [email protected]

Mason Weisel – Phone: 919-704-6901

Buddy Robinson – Phone: 252-286-9592

Joshua Easton – Phone: 919-252-4323 – Email: [email protected]

Devon Choate – Phone: 409-998-3952 – Email: [email protected]
From Devon: Hi. I am an avid bass fisherman and love tournaments and always looking for an opportunity to go out. My main skill is river bass which I am fairly confident in. Already know the rules for the back seat boater and the etiquette that comes with it.

Gordon Reid – Phone: 252-35-5236 – Email: [email protected]
From Gordon: fished txs for 20yrs,,stopped,,raised daughter solo,,,at 63 still have some punch left,,,,belonged to meherrin bassmasters,,,federation club,,for 5 yrs,,,won a few…always was in the mix,,,qualified for va state championship15 plus yrs ago,,,finished 4th out of 400 anglers,,,on foreign waters,,,currituck sound,new river,,,2 0f your tx members were in club when i was,,wont mention names on public forum,,,,,,,out of roanoke rapids,,,,,,only a serious accomplished angler please,,,,,,thanks !!!

Kaliah Wilson – Phone: 252-408-1678 – Email: [email protected]
From Kaliah: Looking to go out an really win a few.

Riley Smallwood – Phone: 254-383-6991 – Email: [email protected]
From Riley: I recently moved to the Brunswick area. I fish the MLF as a co angler for the past two years. I am a disabled vet retired. I am looking for a partner for the rest of the season or to have one for next season. If you would like to meet me we can go out anytime. Even to pre fish a upcoming even for this year. Thank you for your time.

Myron McCray – Phone: 252-452-7023 – Email: [email protected]
From Myron: Just an FYI, I’ve never fished competitively but would really enjoy it. I’ll carry my own believe that. Always loved bass fishing. I live in Martin County.

Luke Mitchell – Phone: 303-919-0321 – Email: [email protected]
From Luke: I’m relatively new to tournament boat fishing but really serious about getting into it. I’ve done one tournament so far on Norman and placed 7th. Ready to get after it and learn.

Mike White – Phone: 252-985-8331 – Email: [email protected]
From Mike: Need a experienced angler on the Roanoke River or Chowan River co angler.

Boaters Looking for Co-Anglers

Anthony Horton – Phone: 252-417-5018

To add your name to this list please complete the form on this page

Partner Request Form

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