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We often receive requests from anglers looking for partners. This page is dedicated to helping anglers find someone to fish with them not just in our tournaments, but others as well. 

To have your name added to this list, please complete the form on this page and we’ll get you added as soon as possible. 

Co-Anglers Looking for Boaters

David Crouse – Phone: 252-772-3016 – Email: [email protected]
From David: Hello, I’m looking for a boater that needs a co-angler. This will be my first tournament but I have been fishing for years. I’m flexible and willing to learn anything you can teach me along the way. Feel free to email or text as well.

Ryan Aderholt – Phone: 252-772-3016 – Email: [email protected]
From Ryan: Looking for a boater that needs a co-angler. Recently just sold my stratos this year. I would like to still fish tournaments until I get another boat. VERY Experienced angler that has been fishing eastern nc rivers and lakes for years. Very competitive and love the sport and companionship.

Joshua Morris – Phone: 919-604-6570 – Email: [email protected]
From Joshua: Hello! My name is Joshua Morris I live in the Raleigh area & I am looking to join someone for a couple of tournaments. I am 25 & have as much experience as one can about fishing bass, without out a boat. I am looking to experience my first tournament & gain any knowledge you may have to offer. Will help with entry costs! Shoot me a text! Thanks.

Gordon Reid – Phone: 252-535-5236 – Email: [email protected]
From Gordon: fished txs 25 yrs… several in federation league……gaston…kerr…chowan… roanoke… meherrin… nottoway… friendship and trust mean more than winnings… won some… lost a few… was boater for yrs… still give 100 percent…  ; o ) BUBBA

Chris Anstead – Phone: 252-333-0672 – Email: [email protected]
From Gordon: Looking to join someone as a co-angler.Pretty decent with the rods.Available any weekend an can meet at the Spot.

Tim – Phone: 850-408-6134 – Email: [email protected]
From Tim: I live in the Raleigh area, and I am looking for a boater to join for some tournament fishing. I would like to get some tournament fishing experience, and I am willing to work or help however I can. Text or email, please.

Lance – Phone: 260-452-8510 – Email: [email protected]
From Lance: Very experienced bass fisherman. I’m 40 years old and perform very well under pressure.. ready to get some wins under our belts. Contact me anytime.

Boaters Looking for Co-Anglers

Charles Dial
: 910.504.5979
Email: [email protected]
From Charles: I have a boat but not a bass boat I’m willing trade for bass boat I have a 1972 Dixie good shape been bass fishing for 40 years I’m willing to take on what ever to start tournament fishing for a living. I am willing to fish out of my boat or yours.

Pete Cocco – Email: [email protected]
From Pete: I’ve got a Lowe 2022 Lowe stinger with a mink kota terrova. And 2 helix 7s.

Joshua Lee – Email: [email protected]
From Joshua: Hello, I just bought a boat and am looking for an experienced partner to get into tournament fishing with. The boat is a Triton x18 aluminum with 2 helix units and a ultrex. It’s not the best thing out there but it’s nice and we can build it up with our winnings 😎 send me an email and we can get together and see how we match up. I’m 36 year old Electrician and Firearms instructor out of Elon, NC. My Email is [email protected] Thanks

To add your name to this list please complete the form on this page

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