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Find A Fishing Partner

We often receive requests from anglers looking for partners. This page is dedicated to helping anglers find someone to fish with them not just in our tournaments, but others as well. 

To have your name added to this list, please complete the form on this page and we’ll get you added as soon as possible. 

Co-Anglers Looking for Boaters

Justin Fuller – Wilson, NC
Phone: 252-303-9342
Email: [email protected]

From Aaron: Hello fellow fisherman my name is Justin Fuller. I’m 38 out of Wilson North Carolina I have been fishing since a young age early on catching brim and catfish to now being older and loving to catch bass weather it’s off the edge or off a dock. I’ve had never been on a boat but I’m sure through guidance from a boater my already fishing skills would kick in and I’m sure that we will have some great times catching fish together in hopes of possibly winning some tournaments and more. Fishing is my passion, as I no longer want to work a regular job so I’m looking for someone willing to help me get my career started.

Aaron Paschal – Raleigh, NC
Phone: 919-805-1436
Email: [email protected]

From Aaron: Hello – I live in the Raleigh area, am able to travel, and looking to join a boat to help pay for gas/food/etc. I spend the vast majority of my time as a fly-angler, but have recently started conventional fishing more since my daughter is 4 and I am trying to learn more to get her into fishing. I also have a 1-year-old son and planning for him as well! I am punctual, easy to get along with, and very organized on the boat. I have all my own gear and tackle and buy quality stuff and take care of it. I currently fish out of a 20ft G3 Center Console with a minn-kota and running two helix 12s. As a co-angler, I selfishly hope to learn more about how to use electronics and get exposure to tournament fishing. Additionally, I tie a lot of flies, so increasing my knowledge about bass patterns and the different presentations and techniques would help with my fly design. Would love to join anyone who’d be willing to partner with me – either as a co-angler or we fish my boat – just drop me a line and let’s fish!

James Mayer
Email: [email protected]

From James: I’m 74 but still enjoy fishing. I’m more then willing to pay my way. Drop me an e-mail. 

Curtis Smith
Phone: 336-414-3294
Email: [email protected]

From Steven: Hello! I’m looking for a boater who’s willing to teach and allow me to be a sponge. I have no tournament experience but I have been bass fishing most of my life. I’m punctual, organized, and competitive and I’m very eager to learn from you. Thanks!

Steven Scopano
Phone: 919-869-0120
Email: [email protected]

From Steven: Hello! I live in the Clayton area & I am looking to join up for a couple tournaments. I am 28 & have as a decent amount of experience bass fishing. I was fishing out of a kayak for the last couple years and just sold it as I didn’t really have the space or time for it. I have some more time now and looking to get onto a boat. I am looking to experience my first tournament & gain any knowledge you may have to offer. Will help with gas and costs! Feel free to text me or call. If you call just leave a voicemail as I don’t typically answer random numbers.

: 704-798-8843
Email: [email protected]

From Ronnie: I’m looking for a boater wanting to fish touraments I’m 36 I have lots of experience in touraments want to make a career out of it

Nathaniel Pittman
: 252-544-0288
Email: [email protected]

From Nathaniel: Hello, I’m looking to join someone as a co-angler in some tournaments. I’m very competitive but love to have fun fishing. Send me a email if interested.

Joseph Taylor
: 336-862-5058
Email: [email protected]

From Joseph: Looking to fish as a co-angler in local tournaments. Either weekend or evening tournaments. I am 40 y/o and been bass fishing as long as I can remember.

David Crouse – Phone: 252-772-3016 – Email: [email protected]
From David: Hello, I’m looking for a boater that needs a co-angler. This will be my first tournament but I have been fishing for years. I’m flexible and willing to learn anything you can teach me along the way. Feel free to email or text as well.

Boaters Looking for Co-Anglers

Mark Sells
Phone: 704-681-3808
Email: [email protected]

From Mark: Hello my name is Mark sells I’m a angler who’s been fishing ever since I was little I got my first baitcaster when I was 8 years old it was an old black quantum and it was paired with the Berkeley rod over the years I have gotten a lot of knowledge and upgraded my equipment I’ve had a bunch of interesting conversations with the old timers and learn a lot about bass fishing from back into ’70s to now and a lot haven’t changed this much I enjoy fishing and having a good time on the water because if you’re on a boat and you’re not having a good time then it’s not a good fishing day looking to help someone in bass tournaments this year I have a vision for success and I’m trying to make it come true thank you.

Daniel Ray Edwards
Phone: 910-501-4475
Email: [email protected]

From Daniel: I have a small boat 15ft stratos but would love to fish as a co-angler to learn more of the gps system,also have won a couple local tournaments nothing big but i have a lot of knowledge about bass fishing and would not be a henderance. Thanks.

Charles Dial
: 910.504.5979
Email: [email protected]

From Charles: I have a boat but not a bass boat I’m willing trade for bass boat I have a 1972 Dixie good shape been bass fishing for 40 years I’m willing to take on what ever to start tournament fishing for a living. I am willing to fish out of my boat or yours.

Pete Cocco 
Email: [email protected]

From Pete: I’ve got a Lowe 2022 Lowe stinger with a mink kota terrova. And 2 helix 7s.

Joshua Lee 
Email: [email protected]

From Joshua: Hello, I just bought a boat and am looking for an experienced partner to get into tournament fishing with. The boat is a Triton x18 aluminum with 2 helix units and a ultrex. It’s not the best thing out there but it’s nice and we can build it up with our winnings 😎 send me an email and we can get together and see how we match up. I’m 36 year old Electrician and Firearms instructor out of Elon, NC. My Email is [email protected] Thanks

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