2019 TPC Features $1000 Grand Prize


In 2018 the Team Points Championship was a huge success. In part to the angler participation and in part to the grand prize that was $750 to the first place winners. The 2018 TPC was awarded to Zeb West and Jay Haggard.

But 2019 will be even bigger as we are announcing today that the grand prize for 1st place in the 2019 TPC is $1000!

How Can You Win?

As an angler or a team competes in the Eastern NC Bass Challenge bass tournaments in 2019, they are rewarded with points based on our they finish in each specific tournament. Over the course of the entire season those points are accumulated and tallied. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the 2019 Team Points Championship Winners.

Who’s Eligible to Participate?

Everyone! Choose your partner to fish with us this year and simply pay a $50 TPC fee and you’re eligible.

Are There Other Prizes?

Yes! Multiple cash prizes will be rewarded to the top teams. In 2018 we paid cash prizes to the top 3 teams. We expect a similar payback structure in 2019. The more teams that participate in the Team Points Championship then the more cash prizes we will reward. In addition to a cash prize, the top team will win 2 commemorative plaques. Additional details regarding payouts and awards will be announced later.

When’s The Deadline to Sign Up?

You must sign up for the 2019 TPC by May 20, 1 day after our third tournament of the season. Click here  to sign up now

2019 TPC Sponsor

The 2019 Team Points Championship is proudly sponsored by EL Jones Development. El Jones Development has been a supporter of the Eastern NC Bass Challenge for 3 years. Without their help we simply could not offer such great rewards and incentives to our anglers. Please visit them on Facebook and tell them “Thank  you!”.