MAY 25

Schedule Update

As some of you may know, the North Carolina Wildlife Commission has recently made changes in how they are providing Tournament organizations weigh-in permits for tournaments. The 2 biggest changes are only allowing tournament directors to request a permit 90 days before an event and REFUSING to issue a permit on any holiday weekend.

Our May 25 tournament on the Perquimans River was denied a permit because it falls on Memorial Day weekend. Even after politely requesting an exemption for this new rule that was sprung on us without warning, they’ve denied my request for a permit. Because of this we’ve had to make a small correction to our schedule. We will need to change the location for our May 25 tournament to a private boat ramp that doesn’t require a permit from the NC Wildlife Commission. The best solution was to switch the dates for the May 25 Perquimans River tournament and the June 30 Chowan River tournament.

We have received a permit for the Perquimans River tournament for June 30 and we are clear to have a tournament on the Chowan River in Edenton (Pembroke Creek) on May 25.

No tournament dates have been changed, only the locations, and no new locations have been added to the schedule. The remaining tournament schedule is as follows:

May 25 – Chowan River (Pembroke Creek)
June 30 – Perquimans River (New Hertford Ramp)
July 13 – Roanoke River
August 17, 18 – Chowan River Championship

Thank you for understanding. ~ Jeffrey Davis