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2022 Bass Challenge Schedule And Details


The Eastern NC Bass Challenge is gearing up for another year of big-time bass fishing in eastern North Carolina. Today, we are proud to release our 2022 schedule and details regarding our tournaments next season.

2022 Tournament Schedule

March 27 – Tar/Pamlico River
April 24 – Lake Gaston
May 7 (Saturday) – Chowan River (Pembroke Creek)
June 5 – Roanoke River
July 10 – Neuse River (Lawsons Creek)
August 20 (Saturday) – Roanoke River
October 1-2 – 2 Day Championship – Tar/Pamlico River

2022 Fees and Options

Based on the feedback that we received from anglers in our 2022 angler survey, our tournament entry fees for 2022 will be $100 per team. Our end-of-year 2 Day Championship event will also have an entry fee of $100. Below is a list of all fees and options in 2022:

Tournament Entry Fees: $100 per tournament/per team
Membership Fees: $25 per angler
Side Pot Options: There are no tournament side pot options for 2022
Super 6 Points Championship: $50 per team (see below)

$2,000 Guaranteed to 1st Place Winners

With an increase in entry fees, we can now guarantee the winners of every tournament this year a $2,000 1st Place prize with a minimum of 60 paid entries.

$400 Greenville Toyota Tournament Big Fish Prize

We’re happy to announce an increase in the tournament big fish prize for 2022. The team that catches the biggest fish in each event will receive a cash prize of $400! Our Greenville Toyota Big Fish Prize returns in 2022 and will be our biggest tournament big fish payout ever. There are no additional side pots or options required to be eligible to win our tournament big fish prize. Greenville Toyota has been our big fish sponsor for 5 years now! Their support is greatly appreciated and their contributions go straight to our anglers.

$1,000 Stoney Creek Outfitters Annual Big Fish Prize

Returning in 2022 is our annual big fish prize! Our friends at Stoney Creek Outfitters will be rewarding the team who weighs in the biggest bass of 2022 with a $1,000 cash prize! There are no additional fees or options needed to qualify for this prize. Any angler competing in any of our tournaments is eligible to win. All events including our Championship tournament are eligible.

Sample Tournament Payouts

We will be rewarding cash prizes to 1 in every 6 teams competing in our events. So, if 60 teams are competing, the top 10 teams in that tournament will receive cash payouts. Below is a sample payout based on 60 paid entries.

1st Place: $2,000.00 + 2 Commemorative Tophies
2nd Place: $1,150.00
3rd Place: $750.00
4th Place: $450.00
5th Place: $275.00
6th Place: $200.00
7th Place: $175.00
8th Place: $150.00
9th Place: $140.00
10th Place: $125.00
Big Fish: $400

End of Year Championship

Our end-of-year Championship Tournament will be a 2 Day event (Saturday and Sunday) that will feature up to $1,000 in additional prize money! Anglers must compete in 3 regular season events to be eligible for our Championship. Anglers may compete in 2 events but pay for a 3rd to become eligible. Additional details will be made available soon regarding Championship payouts and prizes.

After Day 1 of our Championship event, the Bass Challenge will be feeding our anglers as our way of saying “Thank you” for being a part of our growing community of anglers.

Super 6 Points Championship

New for 2022 is our Super 6 Points Championship. In prior years we were able to offer cash prizes to the top 3 teams competing in our Team Points Championship. This year we’re proud to offer even more guaranteed payouts by rewarding our top 6 teams in the final point standings. Below are the guaranteed payouts for our top 6 teams competing in our 2022 Super 6 Points Championship:

1st Place: $1,500 + 2 commemorative trophies + Boat #1 in Championship
2nd Place: $1,000 + Boat #2 in Championship
3rd Place: $800 + Boat #3 in Championship
4th Place: $600
5th Place:$500
6th Place: $300

Our Super 6 Points Championship is sponsored by EL Jones Development. EL Jones Development has been a partner with the Bass Challenge for 4 years! Their support for our anglers is greatly appreciated. Without them, there is no way we could reward our anglers this much.

Caymas Cash

New for 2022 will be our Caymas Cash rewards! Anglers competing with the Eastern NC Bass Challenge in a new Caymas Bass Boat can win thousands of dollars in additional prize money. It’s truly never been a better time to fish with the Bass Challenge in a new Caymas Bass Boat. Visit for additional details.

Go All In

Our All In Option returns in 2022. Anglers may purchase our All In option to secure an early boat number and register for all of our tournaments/options in one purchase. New for 2022 is the option to go All In with a 50% deposit. You may pay half the All In fee initially and pay the balance due in March 2022. Click here to view the All In option.

2022 Confirmed Tournament Sponsors

It would be impossible for us to award our anglers as much as we are in 2022 without the partnership and support from our sponsors. Our growing list of partners includes notable companies in the fishing industry as well as local businesses we all know and love.

Performance East (Additional details coming soon)
Caymas Boats
Greenville Toyota
EL Jones Development
Stoney Creek Outfitters

and more to come…

Ready To Sign Up?

Registration begins on January 13 at 8:00 pm EST on Anglers can click here to review our tournament entry fee pages.