Bass Challenge Revises 2020 Schedule


Due to restrictions set forth by the state of North Carolina and the NC Wildlife Resource Commission, the Eastern NC Bass Challenge was forced to postpone 2 events in April and May.

As the state of North Carolina heads into Phase 2 of re-opening, the NCWRC has once again began issuing weigh-in permits required to host bass tournaments at state wildlife boat ramps effective June 1. We’re very happy to announce a revised schedule for 2020 and that in the coming weeks we will all be able to get back on the water and participate in bass tournaments.

There are several changes to our 2020 schedule and here’s what you need to know…

1 Day Classic Tournament

Our 2020 Classic event will no longer be a 2-day tournament. Due to scheduling conflicts our Classic event had to be moved to a 1-day event on October 11.

Classic Eligibility

Because we’re having to move several event dates, anglers may now qualify for our 2020 Classic by participating in just 2 regular-season events. This change is being made to accommodate those who can no longer participate in our newly rescheduled events.

Schedule Date Revisions

We’ve also had to move other scheduled events to accommodate the many new scheduling conflicts as other tournament trails are now scrambling to re-schedule events. Our goal was to revise our schedule and allow as many anglers as possible to participate in our events as possible and not be forced to choose between 2 separate events from 2 separate tournament trails.

Entry Fees

All entry fees that were previously paid for a specific event will be forwarded over to the new date. Entry fees may also be refunded upon request.

2020 Revised Schedule

Our new revised 2020 tournament trail is as follows:

March 22 Tar/Pamlico River – Havens Garden
June 7 Roanoke River – Water Street Landing
June 28 Roanoke River – Water Street Landing
July 26 Tar/Pamlico River – Havens Garden
August 9 Chowan River – Pembroke Creek
September 6 Neuse River – Lawsons Creek * See notes below
October 11 Tar/Pamlico River – Havens Garden ** See notes below

* The Neuse River tournament has not be confirmed by the New Bern Parks and Rec Department at this time. This event location is subject to change without their approval of our event.

** Anglers must now have participated in just 2 regular season events to participate in the 2020 1-Day Classic Tournament

You may now purchase entry fee’s online for each of these tournaments online through our website. If you have any questions please contact us.