2018 Classic Qualifiers


In order to fish the 2018 Eastern NC Bass Challenge Classic on the Roanoke River you must have competed in 3 regular season events. The list below indicates anglers and the number of events they’ve fished. Please contact us if you feel there is an issue on this list.

Anthony Horton
Anthony Serra
Bob Monroe
Brandon Hendricks
Brian Haddock
Brian Stalls
Cecil Scott
Chad Conwell
Chance Gray
Charles Anderson
Charlie Allen
Charlie Gray
Chaz Wilson
Chris Cox
Chris Wiley
Christopher Campbell
Chuck Williford
CJ Stephens
Clark Harrington
Clayton Boyette
Cody Howard
Collin Zelazo
Craig Goess
Daniel Lee
Danny Hammons
David Grantham
David Price
Dean Thompson
Dennis Boykin
Denny Moore
Dillon Richardson
Donald Devor
Don Thompson
Dylan Richardson
Garrett Creef
Gerald Elks
Greg Pardue
Ivy Allen
James Anderson
Jamie Revis
Jason Lipnick
Jason Setters
Jay Haggard
Jeff Stoops
Jeffrey Farmer
Jenna Christmas
Jeremy Miller
Jim Hipkis
Joseph Giampa
Joe Stewart
John Teddar
Jon Williams
Justin Hof
Kevin Ross
Larry Thomas
Lee Jones
Matt Harrell
Matthew Oakley
Michael Cathcart
Michael Morris
Mike Bankes
Mike Henson
Mike Stephens
Monte Morgan
Nick Harrel
Pat Butler
Read Samples
Rob Ramsey
Robert Hines
Robin Bowen
Rodney Caldwell
Sabrina Taylor
Sammy Hammond
Scott Burch
Scott Grafton
Scott Shaw
Shane Craft
Shane Zelazo
Steve Vann
Ted Park
Tommie Chisenhall
Tommy Penfield
Tracie King
Trenton Dawson
Walker Anderson
Wayne Stallings
Zeb West