2024 All In Tournament Package


Go All In with the Eastern NC Bass Challenge be a part of the biggest bass tournament trail in Eastern North Carolina.




Go All In With the Bass Challenge

Make your plans to go All In with the Eastern NC Bass Challenge for the 2023 season.

Purchase Details

By purchasing the “All In” option, you’re paying for everything in one single purchase. Below is a summary of your purchase:

6 Regular Season Tournaments: $630 (includes $30 Championship Fund)
1 Championship Tournament: $130
2 Membership Fees: $50
1 Super 6 Points Championship: $50

Bonus: No substitution fees in the event you need a sub during the season. This is only available for All In anglers/teams.

Total Cost: $860
50% Deposit: $430

What’s My Boat Number?

Teams who purchase the All In option are guaranteed an early boat number all season long. Boat numbers are assigned by order of payment excluding the top 10 teams who purchase the All In option first. Those teams will be placed in a lottery and boat numbers for 1 through 10 will be drawn before the 1st event of the season.

You may not request or bargain for a better boat number. 

Full Payment vs 50% Deposit?

Regarding boat numbers, there is no difference between full payment and the 50% deposit option. The 50% deposit option was put in place to allow more teams to go “All In” without having to pay for the entire season in advance.

Teams who choose the 50% Deposit option must pay their balance by March 10, 2024, at 8:00 pm EST. Teams who fail to pay the balance due will receive a full refund of their deposit but lose their boat number for the season.

Deadline To Purchase

The deadline to purchase the All In option is March 10, 2024, at 8:00 pm EST.

Refund Policy

If you can not compete in one of the events, you must request a refund by 8:00 pm EST the night before the event begins. You may request the refund via email or by texting or calling Jeffrey Davis. Click here to contact us.

*** Please note: all online orders are subject to a small processing fee to cover credit card transactions. This fee can be bypassed by paying in cash at the ramp or by mailing a check.

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