2020 Team Points Championship


2020 Team Points Championship


“All In” purchase for the Eastern NC Bass Challenge



The 2020 Team Points Championship allows anglers to compete all season long and to be rewarded at the end of the season based on their performance over the course of the 2020 season. After each tournament, teams are awarded points based on the tournaments final standings. These points are accumulated through all regular season tournaments. The teams in the top 3 in the final overall standings are awarded cash and prizes.

Prizes and Awards

1st Place Team – $1000 guaranteed cash prize + 2 Commemorative Plaques + Boat #1 in the 2020 2-Day Classic Tournament **
2nd Place Team – $500 cash prize + Boat number 2 for the 2020 2-Day Classic Tournament ***
3rd Place Team – $250 cash prize  + Boat number 3 for the 2020 2-Day Classic Tournament ***


In order to be eligible a team must purchase this Team Points Championship option.

Deadline to register

A team must register for the 2020 TPS by Tuesday April 21, 2020.

** PLEASE NOTE – 1st place is a guaranteed payout of $1000
*** PLEASE NOTE – 2nd and 3rd place payouts are based on total Team Points Championship participants. Cash payouts are subject to change.

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