Bass Challenge Starts 2022 in Washington – Pre-Tournament Notes

The Eastern NC Bass Challenge begins a new season this coming Sunday, March 27. Our first tournament of 2022 will be in Washington, NC on the Tar/Pamlico Rivers.

The Eastern NC Bass Challenge begins a new season this coming Sunday, March 27. Our first tournament of 2022 will be in Washington, NC on the Tar/Pamlico Rivers. Washington is a popular destination for anglers as it provides many creeks and tributaries that hold great numbers of bass. Fishing on the Tar/Pamlico over the years has improved with many anglers catching bass in the 5-6 pound range. We are anticipating a great tournament with many large bass being weighed in.

Tournament Info

City: Washington, NC
Launch Ramp: Havens Garden Boating Access – Washington, NC – Google Map Link
Fish Limit: 5 fish, 2 may be between 12-14 inches

Tournament Times

Our crew will be on-site at 5:00 am to handle onsite registration and to begin check-in for the event. All anglers must check in with our staff and receive a boat number slip before our tournament begins. Livewell checks will be performed as you put your boat into the water. Blast off will begin at safe light. We always blast our anglers off as early as possible to maximize fishing time. We anticipate blasting off for this event just after 7 am. With the recent time change (daylight savings time) we’ve extended our check-in time to 3:30 pm to ensure all anglers get a minimum of 8 hours of fishing time regardless of the time we blast off.

Onsite Registration: 5:00 am
Blast Off: Safe Light – Approximately 7:10 am
Check-In: Weigh-in begins at 3:30 but you may weigh in as early as 1:30 pm if you’d like.

Tournament Blast Off

PLEASE READ – When you launch your boat into the water, please clear the ramp so others may have ample space to launch as well. Also, please do not idle under the bridge until your boat number is called. We will call boat numbers from the bridge. Finally, be courteous at the boat ramp, dim your lights when launching your boat, and be safe.

Boat Numbers and Flights

During registration, teams are assigned boat numbers. We blast off boats in order based on these numbers. Every 25 boats begins a new flight. The first flight is due back in at 3:30 and every proceeding flight after that is due back in 10 minutes later. Boat numbers are visible on the homepage of this website.

Fees and Costs

All fees and costs for this event may be paid in person at the ramp during tournament check-in. However, we recommend paying online to make things easier for you on tournament morning.

Entry Fee: $100 – Purchase Online
Membership Fee: $25 per angler (one-time fee, Women and children under 18 and younger are excluded from this fee) – Purchase Online
Super 6 Points Championship: $50 per team (one-time fee, optional) – The Super 6 Points Championship is sponsored by EL Jones and will award thousands of dollars to anglers competing with the Bass Challenge in 2022. – Purchase Online

Truck/Trailer Parking

Parking at the Havens Garden boat ramp is tight. The actual parking lot isn’t that large. However, the surrounding streets offer plenty of space for truck and trailer parking with a short walking distance back to the ramp.

Prizes and Awards

We are guaranteeing a $2,000 1st place prize for this event (minimum 60 boats/teams entered). We will pay out 1 place for every 6 teams competing. We will also award our Greenville Toyota Big Fish prize of $400 to the team that weighs in the biggest bass of the tournament.

1st Place: $2,000 (min 60 boats) + 2 commemorative trophies
Greenville Toyota Big Fish Prize: $400

2022 Annual Awards and Prizes

Stoney Creek Outfitters 2022 Big Bass Prize: We will reward the team that weighs in the biggest bass of 2022 with a $1,000 cash prize.
Super 6 Point Championship: Anglers will compete all year long and are awarded points based on their finish. At the end of the year, the top 6 teams will be rewarded with cash prizes. 1st Place is $1,500! Click here for additional information and full rewards.

Incentives & Contingency Prizes

We’re so happy to offer our anglers several incentives and contingency prizes this year. Our events in 2022 will be officially sanctioned events for the following contingencies:

Caymas Cash
TH-Marine Atlas Awards
Cashion RodsĀ  – Cashion Cash

We also offer our anglers purchasing incentives from Boat EFX, Stoney Creek Outfitters, and Revital Outdoors where anglers may receive 20% off All CBD Products, use code “BassChallenge20“. You can find out about each of these contingencies on our Angler Incentives page.

Bass Challenge Partners

We flat out couldn’t do what we do without the help and support from our partners. We’ve worked so hard over the years to build great partnerships with local companies and well-known brands with-in the fishing industry. I’d ask each of our anglers to please reach out to these companies and say “Thank you” for supporting the Bass Challenge.

EL Jones Development, LLC
Greenville Toyota
Stoney Creek Outfitters

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