2019 Roanoke River 2 Day Classic Information

Posted On: August 26, 2019

The 2019 Eastern NC Bass Challenge 2 Day Classic will take place this weekend on the Roanoke River! Our Classic tournament will feature additional prizes and awards for our 1st place finishers. Additional prizes include trophies, 2 customer Kistler Fishing Rods and an additional $500 paid back to our 1st Place winners in addition to our normal payback. Here are all of the details for our final tournament of 2019.

Classic Tournament Location & Times

Location: Roanoke River, Plymouth NC
Address: 205 W Water St Plymouth, NC 27962 (Map)
Date: August 31-September 1, 2019 (2 Days)
Off Limits: There are no off-limit areas or times in which you can not fish.
Blast Off: Approximately 6:20 am
Registration: 4:30 am – 6:00 am
Check-in: Flight #1 – 3:30 pm Flight #2 – 3:45 pm
Weigh-in: You may trailer your boat before weighing in. You may use your own weigh-in bags.

The tournament director will be on location at 4:30 am the morning of the tournament. Tournament check-in’s and entry fee payments will be accepted starting at 4:45 am. Boat numbers will be assigned by order of entry fee received. Your boat number will be the same for both days of the event.

In the event there is more than 40 teams competing in the tournament, there will be 2 flights in the tournament. The second flight will be allowed to check-in 15 minutes after the first flight is due in. There will be no delay between flights.

Fee’s and Requirements

Entry Fee: $50 per team (Required, Pay Online)
Sidepot Fee: $20 per team (Optional, Pay Online)
Official Rules: View Official Rules

Awards & Prizes

In order to maximize payouts to our top anglers, cash rewards will be paid back to the top 10% of the field for our Classic Tournament.

Big Fish Award: $350 cash Provided by Greenville Toyota
Cash Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded based on final tournament standings. Total cash rewards will be based on participation.
Additional Awards: Our Classic Fund includes $500 in extra cash being paid out to 1st place. The first place winners will also receive 2 Kistler Rods and 2 trophies.


In order to be eligible to fish this event you must have participated in 3 regular season tournaments or 2 tournaments and paid for a 3rd. If you are unsure if you’re eligible for this event please contact us.


Our Classic is proudly sponsored by Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, EL Jones Development LLC and Greenville Toyota! Please reach out to these companies and tell them “THANK YOU” for supporting our trail and the anglers that have made it an incredible success this year.

How To Sign Up

You may pay your entry fee’s the morning of the tournament at the ramp. However, you may pay online now. By paying online now, you can generally skip the lines at the boat ramp and secure an earlier starting position. Additionally, you may use a credit card online to pay for your fee’s. Only cash and checks are accepted at the ramp the morning of each tournament.


Weigh-in will begin at 2:00 pm. You are eligible to weigh-in early if you desire. Weigh-in will last until 4:00 pm. If you need additional time to weigh-in your fish you are required to notify the tournament director before this time elapses. Fair warning will be given before the scales are closed.

It is the competing teams responsibility to ask for courtesy measurements on potential short fish and to request a big fish weight.

Tournament Pre-Registration List

1TBD / Jay Haggard
2Hal Abshire / Jesse Wise
3Craig Goess / Matthew Oakley
4Chris Dowtin / Charlie Grant
5TBD / Justin Everett
6Ronnie Clark / Ron Clark
7Brian Haddock / Joe Haddock
8John Guins / Raplh Ray
9Brian Stalls / Clark Harrington
10Joe Langley / Steve Chelini
11Jeremy Thompson /
12Mike May / Dale Winstead
13Clayton Boyette / Derrick Whitemoor
14Shane Burns / Mike McDonald
15Sammy Hammond / John Douglas
16Robert Barrett / JR Bowen
17Kevin Ross / Robert Gurganus
18Matt Kimbrell / Jamie Williams
19Rickey Foss / George Long
20Ronald Jones / Zach Stowell
21John Wind / Alton Joyner
22Salvatore Viola /
23Larry Hipps / Jesse Spell
24Larry Thomas / Gerald Elks
25Rick Adamson / Steve Foster
26Tracey King / David Price
27Wayne Stallings / Zeb West
28Jamie Harris / Joel Harris
29Neil Smith / Jimmy Roughton
30Charlie Allen / Lee Mitchell
31Jon Williams / Brandon Hendricks
32Lee Jones / Joe Giampa
33Larry Gilbert / Kyle Gilbert
34Kolby Jones / Keven Jones
35Cameron Smith / Austin Smith
36Denny Moore /
37Aaron Todd / Jimmy Tanner
38Michael Morris / Lucan Depas
39Wilbur Westbrook / Larry Thomas
40Jamie Revis / Ryan Revis
41JA Williford / David Swain
42Paul King / Brad Stain
43Rip Bass
44Ted Park / Chance Gray
45Buster Seabolt / Joshua Ballard
46Ronnie Thompson / Terry Gibbons
47Matt Cashion / Brad Staley
48Jerry Abrams / Jon Dupree
49Winston Clinedinst / Doug White
50Greg Milligan / Carl Milligan
51Michael Brinchek / William Brinchek
52Steve Michaels / Eric Buchanan
53Corey Linton / Mark Peck
54Randy Broughman / Ryan Broughman
55Bobby Clarke / Jeff Peterson
56Mike White / Dana Moore
57Jeff Tant / Chris Price
58Brantley Peoples / Terry Hobbs
59Jason Taylor / Craig Latham
60James Clark / Mike Green
61Vernon Fleming / Glen Long
62Braxton Chase / Greg Chase
63Keith Gilbert / Ethan Gilbert
64Michael Williams / Cecil Scott
65Mike Cathart / Matt Smith
66Dan Treadway / Sammy Creech
67Brent Sewell / Owen Sewell
68Joshua Lanaville / Timothy Davis
69Allen Campbell / Chris Crandell
70Brent Boyette / Jason Holland
71Brandon Overton / Johnny Jones
72Josh Brown / -
73Brian Sessoms / Sammy Rackley
74John Jenkins / Phillip Silverthorn
75Dennis Boykin / Jim Hipkiss
76Brian Robinson / Zack Patterson
77Michael Chlomoudis / Powell Kemp
78Tony Woodard / Steve Adams
79Roger Tucker / Samuel Tucker
80Jason Samson / Dylan Sawyer
81Justin Peaden / Justin Hof
82Joe Daniels / Matt Howell
83James Roberson / Valerie Roberson
84Logan Peterson / Tyler Branch
85Anthony Horton /
86Adam Richardson / Gene Richardson
87Kirk Wall / Charlie Reed
88Andy Evans / Scottie Edwards
89Cliff Jenkins / Randy Jenkins
90Tim Harris / Adam Harris
91Johnathan Holloway / Dane Butler
92Tyler Faggart / SUB: Travis Badgett
93Jeremy Ives / Tremain Newton
94Billy Bledsoe / Bryan McDonald
95Adam Petty / Stanton McDuffie
96Ethan Howard / Matt Kelly
97Jason Pittman / Lee Narron
98Charlie Creech / Partner
99Cody Matthews / Michael Kellett
100Brian Cooper / Mike Evans
101Mike Stephens / Michael Stephens
102Scott Canady, Jamie Pate
103Mike Hair, SUB: Kay Choosakul "KC"
104Spencer Barrow, Sammy Barrow
105Trey Nanney, John Phillips
106Scooter Lilley, Eric Galasso
107Don Lassiter, Bobby Dunlow
108Danny Moss & April Willis
109Justin Coley / Tony Coley
110Brian Lee Richardson / David Buchanan
111Ricky Mize / Chris Turner
-Keith Roberts, Billy Owens
-Brandon Lee, Manuel Salmon
-Mike Marchant, Brad McLaurin
-David Jones, Hunter Jones
-Chadd Eriksen, Jay Eriksen
-Mike Lanier, Norman Mullinax
-Richard Sanford, Donald Bass
-Tony Baker, Brad Bundy
-Jaime Gonzales, Fred Aldridge
-Bobby Williams, Marshall Williford
-Scott Mooneyham, George "Jack" Boyce
-Keith Joyce, Mark Robertson
-Scott Calder, JR Milligan
-WT Davis, Joe Davis
-Eugene Foushee, Brandon Johnson
-Phillip Medford, Tammy Medford
-Derrick Chamblee, Ladarrius Chamblee
-Benjamin Perez, John Perez
-Rickey Britt, Jeffrey Archer
-Jimmy Stevens, Chuck Williford
-Dwight Sholar, Tyler Sholar
-Gary DeBrito, Derek Goodman
-Flash Butts, Shawn Hammack
-Ken Hoffman, Glenn Cannon
This table is updated on a regular basis as participants sign up. Please Note - This list is subject to change. Please confirm your boat # at the ramp the morning of the tournament ***

Parking and Launching Information

The town of Plymouth offers 2 boat ramps for anglers on Water Street. You may use either ramp to put your boat in the water. However, you will need to check in with the Tournament Director before blast off.

If you’re using the ramp farthest from the blast off area, you will be required to idle back down towards the light house ramp, which is where registration and weigh-in will occur. There is plenty of parking by each ramp and parking is NOT expected to be an issue.

Contact Information

Tournament Director: Jeffrey Davis, Jr.
Contact Number: 252.661.5454

Please do not hesitate to call, text or email us any questions.

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